Communicate with Me

I welcome your comments and custom design requests. Each piece is individually composed and handmade. We can work together to create your unique piece. Try to be as specific as possible and refer to the name of a specific piece. We can compose your piece choosing the size, wire, colors, shapes, materials etc... I also have many that are in stock that are not posted on my web site. Please e-mail me at or call (510) 301-5697. I look forward to hearing from you!


Purchace Considerations


Some pieces are very durable and do wonderfully outside as they age in the elements. On the other hand, some of my pieces are fragile due to the delicate balance and materials. They should be handled with care to insure their form. Although I have tried to use as resistant materials as possible, as with all materials, they will endure better when they are protected from the elements. For example, I have had a Puchan spinning in my bedroom window since 1989. The breeze is consistent, yet stays relatively gentle, and it is not outside or in the full sun. I want you to be delighted with your purchase for as long as possible so use your best discretion given the individual nature of the piece.

I also want you to bring out the best of each piece. Consider the weight and the fact that mobiles are influenced by their environment. Heavier pieces will move more in places with more wind, whereas lighter ones will be more enjoyable with subtle air currents. In addition, consider lighting as it changes during the course of a day. Take into account shadows, reflections, and patterns from various viewing perspectives. Reflections and shadows are best when there is light shining on it rather than behind it.

Don't forget that they are the perfect feng shui remedy and can be placed properly to enhance the chi energy in our environment.


Shipping costs are included in your purchase price. I will carefully package and ship your order as soon as possible.


Due to the fragile nature of some of the items, please follow all unpacking notices carefully. I have carefully packed each item to protect their individual needs. Unpacking may require specific procedure so they do not become tangled, out of balance, etc.

I feel confident that you will enjoy and appreciate your purchase more with the years to come!