Artist Information

About Puchan

The name Puchan comes from the Sanskrit God, dating back past 3000 BC, in Sanskrit literature. He represents movement, change, growth, time and journey. During the time of creation with Brahma when all the Gods took their seats in the heavens, Puchan was stated to be the lord of constellations with radiant countenance. He brings things moving and immobile into relationship with one another. He is the shining liberator, who takes care of all of us. In later metaphysics he came to mean spiritual principle, the principle of movement that causes the sun to shine, water to flow, and winds to circulate. Whoever acts has a share in him, as the universal power Puchan. He is frequently worshipped today for fortune in times of growth, movement, or change, such as a wedding, birth, graduation, harvest, or before traveling. Whoever praises him acquires his magical powers.

About my art

As you can see from my artwork, I produce a variety of styles and forms, as I love creating individually unique pieces, with spiraling evolution of my ideas. All of my work, however, is closely linked to the celebration of nature. This encompasses Feng Shui harmony, yin and yang balance, and positive chi energy. On the mathematical and scientific side, I work with balance, my harmonic table and create moiré array patterns. My work involves fractal, nonlinear and chaos forms that are found in nature. I hope to spark the imagination, and inspire a love of the scientific, the art and the depth of nature. These are spiritual shapes and forms that are found in nature which are conducive to meditation. The essential element of my work is to illustrate dynamic change, growth, interdependence, and movement that we perceive through our senses as we flow through and understand life. My work is essentially a celebration of life.

About myself

I am Varanasi Katyayini Murthy. Katyayini is Sanskrit for Gaia, meaning Mother of the Earth. I've been inspired by my parents. My father is a geophysicist who studies the origin of the solar system. He was one of the primary investigators who analyzed the samples from the Moon. On the other hand, my Mediterranean mother is dramatic and creative, exposing me to the arts and culture. I've traveled around the world several times. My stays in India were very spiritual for me.

I always have been drawn to nature, art and science. I feel that they are one. I find great kinship in nature. I was drawn to study environmental science, and geophysics. In addition I studied Confluent Education which involves the cognitive and affective growth, as well as the creative processes within intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal growth. I sold my Puchans at the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts show and taught oceanography, geology, botany, hydrology and ecology on a floating classroom in the Channel Islands as I studied. When I graduated I became an Earth Science teacher, so wanting to awaken an appreciation for our Earth's systems. This I've done through art and science as well as my Gestalt training to promote individual self-awareness.

I practice yoga (Tantra, Kundalini and Hatha) and the Martial Arts (Coung Nhu) which give me inner and outer contact with myself. I love to dance and play my percussion instruments. I enjoy my hobie cat and motorcycle. The art on this site reflects a small portion of my creative projects. I have great "joie de vivre." I'm excited about sharing my passions.

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